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That's exactly what I'm going to put in here.
It's not something that everybody should be burdened with... so I'll pass on this URL selectively.

This is a BLOG where I plan to host stuff from the work zone. It'll have our sorrows, our victories, our trials and our tribulations.
I will welcome comments here too.... though not always.

So lets begin on this beautiful Saturday Morning at 3:45AM.
That's right the team is still IN.

This is my Team- Mohua and Renny working on the Exchange Server Project for MS.
We're developing an Instructor Led Training for Microsoft in the Field of Exchange Server 03.
Nope... we cannot discuss Project details here. But resta assures the team hasn't even said an OOF as they strive to perform and achieve their potential.

We are ably supported by Premnath and Satyajit, our resident Copyeditors. All of em at work and me - the Project Manager, chronicling their fortitude and perseverance.

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