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I wish this was a leap year

yep - Feb 28th.....
I wish this was a leap year.
At least that ways, we'd have an extra day to meet deadlines.

It's not a manic monday - this time around.
We've got important work happening today.

1) The IIS team has to turn around a module today... after fixing comments from the CDM & technologist

2) The Burton team has to put in some parts of earlier module which'd been missed

3) The office Online Video Team has storyboarding to do. I know now that Krista leaves early in Fridays. So we send her a video to review on Friday mornings. She invariably misses that and we buy ourselves another day

4) The SMSg team - workin hard as always... SME issues don't seem to be going away.. Wonder how we can work around that issue in life???


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