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Monday BOOM

Things go BOOM
What better day, than a MONDAY !!!

IIS 6.0 - it seemed like an easy project - actually it is.
But then issues keep cropping up and things go boom boom...
They think i'm being too rough, that I don't communicate well enough to the team. I'm not a sissy and cry baby and well-- I respect peoples feelings and emotions - but I don't like pussyfooting issues. They made the schedules - so they must adhere to them too.

SMSg - SME's - Mr. M - his mom has gone boom boom

Burton - my SMEs have gone boom boom

Office Online - everything was fine - we're in the groove now. But MS has lost all its writers and so the project has gone boom boom.

soon I shall go boom boom!!!
i doubt if anyone will be sensitive to my pain.

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