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One Problem SME

Maybe I shouldn't be doing this.
The thought did arise in my mind; but then I pushed it aside and began this writeup on One of our problem SMEs.

The Name - Mr.M
The Project - ILT - Troubleshooting Exchange 2K3

The Problem(S)
  1. NO ownership of the project,
  2. NO accountability for delivery schedules,
  3. LOTS of talk - no results,
  4. GOOD Knowledge base - no application,
  5. ATTITUDE problem - when working in teams.
  1. Jai is searching for a backup.
  2. Have tried talking to him without success.
  3. Have had Sarbani (Skill Head - Writing) talk to him too - No luck.
  4. Have tried all of Dilberts tactics too - no results
  5. Maybe we could just fire him - without any payments

Ideas anyone????

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