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Party Party

Yes.. we do have parties.
We like to enjoy life too.

March 31st.. sunny.. hot ... totally uncomfortable !!
And we decide to have a party on the terrace at 4PM.

It was basically to celebrate the Birthdays in the Month gone by. The code was R&B... red & Blue.
We achieved an interesting turnout of over 50% in the prescribed format.

The pic for the same will be up soon.

It started with a "Know your Mumbai" contest , moved to a Cake in the Face for the newly borns and ended with lots of good food & feelings in the Tummy.

This was one really cool contest. There were clues indicationg Places of interest in MUmbai. And there was a set of answers. One had to match up the Questions and the Answers and get back to the Moderator (Brenda). Trust me - this reads pretty simple. But when 80 people play the game you have a furball in the making.
The best part was that sometime multiple clues had the sam answer. In that case, confusion reigned. All in all a great time.

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