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Shooting my mouth off

12:04 PM
What is it with the Senior Management?

Decisions that are fait accompli should be communicated to the client as soon as possible. let there be no amibiguity on the fact that we need to give them a heads up on Serious showstoppers as soon as we become aware of them.

Yes - I did that today.

We had a call for the Burton project and, when questioned whether we'd make a date - i looked around, took in the response from my team and said , "NO".

The team - including members senior to me agreed on this. I conveyed the details of the call to my bosses and they said it was akin to painting a 4*4 target and running around shouting, "Shoot me".

So I told'em to shoot me :-)
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My Boss is on Leave

2:33 AM
Yes... it's a long weekend - 13-15th August.
And - my boss is on leave. He's also on leave for the 6 days after that long weekend.

But, we are here - all of us. Project requirements necessitated that we cancel all leaves.
So, we work the long weekend and the longer week after that.

That's my boss!!!

So I'm here - updating my resume and reading Atlantis by David Gibbins. My team is working hard. Es repugnante. Estoy deprimido.
The next pic has Lydia dancing with Tony. She is our Program Manager based out of the US and he is a Content Dev Mgr with Microsoft.
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Wet'n'Lonely - at work

9:04 AM
The last week has seen a lot of heavy rain and inclement weather hit Mumbai.
We Mumbaikars are resolute ones - but this cloudburst had us running scared.
It started on 26th July and even now - it refuses to stop.

Things have become better with a limping gait back to normalcy but we're far from there.
Staying close to the workplace puts me in a precarious position.
I am expected to be in at work - irrespective of the weather conditions. But then i'm in - all alone and that's my gripe.

So I went and bought myself a camera - an LS743 4.0MP Kodak camera.
I started clicking snaps... what else can one do with a camera!!!

Here are a few that'm putting up :-)

That's the view from out of my window - at home. Kinda like the way the colors have come out here.

Thats a vew from one of the windows at office. Pay a lil attention and you might catch the waterfall in it.

Another one from the same window at office. But here we catch a view of the Go-Karting track nearby

... and here are some pidgeons !!!
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