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Wet'n'Lonely - at work

The last week has seen a lot of heavy rain and inclement weather hit Mumbai.
We Mumbaikars are resolute ones - but this cloudburst had us running scared.
It started on 26th July and even now - it refuses to stop.

Things have become better with a limping gait back to normalcy but we're far from there.
Staying close to the workplace puts me in a precarious position.
I am expected to be in at work - irrespective of the weather conditions. But then i'm in - all alone and that's my gripe.

So I went and bought myself a camera - an LS743 4.0MP Kodak camera.
I started clicking snaps... what else can one do with a camera!!!

Here are a few that'm putting up :-)

That's the view from out of my window - at home. Kinda like the way the colors have come out here.

Thats a vew from one of the windows at office. Pay a lil attention and you might catch the waterfall in it.

Another one from the same window at office. But here we catch a view of the Go-Karting track nearby

... and here are some pidgeons !!!

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