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My Boss' Birthday

28th August arrived - for the 37th time.
It was Viveks birthday. Yes, I did remember to wish him - despite it being a Sunday.

Apparently the only other person who remembered was Vrinda, a PM colleague.
We decided to celebrate on Friday - at lunch. Hafta was collected and allocated to the Guft and lunch departments accordingly.

We disguised it as a Farewell party for Mallik - on his last legs here and then "pow" - when Vivek least expected it - the plate was taken away - the cake was put - candles blown - cake cut and another year gone by.

(L-R) Vivek, Vikram and Johnny boy

Let's just wait for the food

Hands and Shoulders (L-R) Amit, Suresh, Mallik

Who's gifting whom???

I want my cake .. and want to eat it too.


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