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Farewell John!!!

John is leaving.
In fact - today is his last day. He's happy , I'm happy for him.
But I'm sad for me.

It's just that he's the only friend I have here.
What started in May with me being irked at his behavioural pattern , changed to grudging respect for his intelligence and now affection for this mild mannered guy. We spent a lot of time together - him and me - i don't claim to understand him fully.
But this much I know - he's a good man

He does like to distribute knowledge - but it's good!!
His predictions - however fatalistic / incredible they may sound - always come true.

He did predict that i'll be around in LB for a long time. Dunno if that one'll hold though.

We went out for lunch and bid him farewell. A collection of his peers.
Wishing him all the best for his new assignment in Wipro.

That's John on the Lower Right hand part of the image.

(L-R)Gayatri , Vrinda & Me

Sumanta & John <>


Hey Arjun,
That was so sweet... will miss you pal...and you were one guy that I will remember for a lon long time....

the feeling is mutual.. .except for the first part.. I never got irked by your are a sweet talker.. .bah..

thanks Arjun...and thanks for hosting me in your house this week and when ever I just wanted to take a chill pill.

- :) John

thought it approporiate to blogfy my parting comments at the lunch

"There is nothing like 'right' in any system. so, rebel against the system. (in the process) what is lost is lost, and what remains generally works for your best"

--sayings of the wise - John - 2005

it was ( and will continue to remain so) my pleasure John - to know you and be accepted as you friend

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