My life at work - the trials & tribulations!!

The Final Round!!!

There's a boxer in the red corner and one in the blue. Our HR department plays the refree.

Round 1 and Ms.B is calling the shots. She has things going her way because everybody is listening.

Round 2 and the crowd is fuming - she's going over the top. Her bashing is getting stronger. She doesn't play it subtle - always applying the right hook!

Round 3- people are up in arms. I protest!! The reporting shifts to Vikram. Breadth of fresh air. The one Sane person I can match. She hates me for being able to get away.

Round 4 - the exits begin. First the projects and then the people. I'm still there.

Round 5 - her bashing continues. The fight is getting ferocious. Now people do manage to stand up to her and say their piece. Pleas fall on deaf ears. Even the biggies don't listen. It seems like she has them wrapped around her fingers.

Round 6 - I'm outta here. NIIT, in fact, any place would be saner than this. I did spend 45 minutes in the HR dept - giving them my point of view.

The Final Round is still to be played out. Trust I have done my bit!!

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