My life at work - the trials & tribulations!!

My Last working weekend at LB (Hopefully)!!

Yeah - I certainly hope so.
We're doing the testing for one of my projects today. A lot of it should be done.
Then the handoff to MS late next week.

I hope to be down in Nagpur next weekend spending quality time with my lady. The weekend after that to pack up and start the transportation. Then I'm home!!!

We're supposed to get the Saturdays and Sundays off from work.
I've spent more than 45 days of the 104 allotted holidays at work, in the last year. Speaks a lot for my hard work or inefficient work, as the case may be. Project commitments require us to use the weekends to play catch up. Nobody likes it - but that's the way it is.
Our focus has always been on making that delivery - it's never been the people. I am as much to blame for that as the Powers above me. Things will not change here - I know that for a fact - unless we have no projects at all. That again will not happen - so happy workin' folks!!!

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