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Active Learning Ideas

I've talked about the Ideation process in a previous blog entry - IDEAS!

Constructing Ideas is not half as challenging as actually implementing them. I mean - drawing a Car with an improved Exhaust system is so much easier than actually getting to drive the same car !!
Let's assume we have to teach something new. Someone has got to come up with an innovative idea to teach anew. To do this successfully we've got to understand interference and consolidation.
  • The former refers to the degrading effect that new learning has on old learning: try to cram too many topics into one class and the new topics will be detrimental to retention and understanding of the earlier material.
  • Consolidation refers to the capacity of our brains to capture and structure new learning without making that conscious effort. If you want your students to internalize new concepts well, you should ensure that they have ample breaks (in class and out of class) in which their brains are not engaged in challenging tasks.

We would want to promote Active Learning in the classroom, Several approaches are possible.

These are not all MY ideas - but I had an idea that would them place all in One place for easy retrieval.

  • Creation and fostering of in-class teams
  • Think-pair-share
  • Cooperative note taking
  • Guided reciprocal peer questioning (kinda like passing the parcel around)
  • Team writing assignments
  • Problem-solving learning (works well for adult learner groups)

They've all been there - done that!!! Which ones do you think would work best?


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