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If you've ever felt your heart skip a beat after being screamed at by your boss, it may be more than just your imagination. Put another way, caustic, abrasive, and overbearing bosses just might be taking years off their employees' lives - Our lives!!!

I haven't been around for too long in the Workspace - but I've had my share of bosses. They've always helped me learn - good & bad. How to lead, manage, perform & how not to.

I will not talk about all of them here - just those who've made me think - in order of appearance.

Ranjit Kumar
Distinction: My boss during my marketing stint with LG in Pune.
Redeeming quality: Extremely Caring, had faith in the human spirit, Emotional bonding could prove to be his vulnerability.

Jatin Madan
Distinction: My boss during my Exports stint with LG inGreater Noida.
Redeeming quality: Extremely Hard working, reposed full faith & supported to the hilt. Wekaness is the tendency to get caught up in transactions rather than management.

Lydia Lobo
Distinction: My first boss at Lionbridge in Mumbai.
Redeeming quality: Hardworking, intelligent, good ideator. Not the best manager in town.

Vivek Sethi
Distinction: My boss at Lionbridge for the period that a lot of work happened.
Redeeming quality: Very intelligent, hardworking, always there on the ground, open management style. He's a sales guy in operations - hence the focus is fleeting and his interest in employee welfare is always doubted.

Rita Tiwari
Distinction: My boss for a very short period at Lionbridge. :-)
Redeeming quality: Hardworking - with no focus on where the work is going. Extremely short sighted. She's from another industry in another universe- not someone you'd ever want to work for. She's worked abroad for quite sometime now. It doesn't show.

Vikram Bhatia
Distinction: My last boss at LB
Redeeming quality: My favourite boss - if he'd come in a month earlier - I'd still be there!!

PS: These are all my personal opinions. So, if you need any specific advice - either write me or use alternative channels.

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