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Parameters for success

We ususally measure Project success as a Satisfied customer who got what he/she wanted. We also did the Project at half the cost in 75% of the time allocated.

These are no doubt, important areas, but, are the result of doing other things well.

  • Aim of the project.Are we doing a design and building something, or we could describe the mission in terms of the overall value created for the customer. The latter one arises as the project arises and there are learnings. Even project missions can be expected to change over the project life. The customer learns, the team learns, circumstances change, and life happens.
  • The reliability of task completions. This is similar to the prince of Non-conformance
  • The learning curve and how we innovate across the PLC.
  • Are people growing in their roles?
  • Is the customer getting more value than expected?
Focus on the variables not just outcomes. That's called going back to basics.

The Big question still remains : Will this project finish as promised?
and the answer remains, "After you've done 90% of the project, you have the other 90% to do."

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