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Shifting Paradigms!!!

A close friend of mine is an intimate confidant of Dilbert.
He's stratified management into layers - based on knowledge levels and application of the same. We call him
Johnny Gyaani
I took a cue from him and decided to move up his Management ladder.
This meant that I was to be in a position to disburse knowledge to the unwilling masses.

These Management types keep talking of a "paradigm shift" like paradigms were going out of fashion.
There is a new approach to the way we do things - or is it?

Paradigm, much like the cry of "wolf" in the folk tale of the shepherd boy who took that liberty too often, has been applied wantonly to the extent, that when a real paradigm shift looms on the horizon it meets a jaded acceptance.

Real paradigms are not about technologies or products. Maybe it's just the way we perceive things.

They define how we prioritize issues and the approach to be adopted when solving problems and activities. Basically they form the fabric of our view of reality.

It is not the paradigm that causes change. Change forces us to alter our paradigm of what is real and how to measure it.

This is not the slow process of evolution - either you "get it" or you "don’t".
The change is similar to the light bulb - getting switiched on - instantaneous.

Paradigms shift, like tectonic plates, from one perspective to another.
They also cause earthquakes when they shift.

One field where I think we go through a Paradigm shift ever so often is Communication.
Remember the time when telephones were scarce, letters travelled via the friendly neighbourhood postal service. Today we have the intranet internet,extranet and what have you. Linear systems have given way to the distributed system where barriers are down.

This has led to a paradigm shift in Decision making systems. The spread of communication systems gives us data points to infer from and decide thereon.

Success and it's synonyms have also transformed thanks to this shift. It is not so much as doing one thing right. It's about successfully managing parts of the whole to ensure a win and continuity of the business order.

So an Earthquake can contribute to success :-)

yes, Earth quakes teach us something, to build our houses better ... :P ...

Does constancy of shifting paradigm exist? - thats my paradigm for success

Building houses better never hurt nobody. But building a house that cannot be innovated upon leaves you in a rut.

Paradigms will always continue to shift because as long as we continue to think and evolve - our perceptions will change, and hence paradigms.

So, the only constant is change.

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