My life at work - the trials & tribulations!!

Life @ NIIT

It's been a Month and 25 days - Kinda qualifies as 2 months - I guess!!!

The life has been interesting and fast.
I'm onto something new here. A new creature, so to say - something new that makes life interesting for students. It makes their learning experience better!!

I have a great team - some of the best people & they're an absolute pleasure to work with.

A small discussion on some of them would be of inertest here. They make life at work worthwhile.
Let me start with Ranit. He's a gem of a guy - an asset to every team - a peoples person. 45 days of working with him - and I can't find a single issue with this guy - he sits right beside me and is the my biggest help on the project.

Ranit(L) and Karan(R).

Then there's Rajiv. Very practical - knows all the ground realities. He is a knowledge bank like no other. Keeps me aware of all that is going around. He is so soft spoken - you'd never know he exists - unless - he speaks !;-)

That's Rajiv & Vandana

Then there's Roop - a total Balancer. She never lets me fly - keeps my feet firmly on the ground. A very intelligent young lady - that she is.

No discussion would be complete without Karan. Ancient indian mythology refers to Karan & Arjun as being siblings. Only this time I'm older. He has a great sense of humour and his desire to learn is infectious. Quite a harwirking fellow there. Pleasure to work and be with!!

Karan - again!!!

More on the others later!!!

All in all - I'm startng to like my life at NIIT.


You should never lie, cheat, steal or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. .. and if you must drink......drink in the moments!!

So said will smith. Its people like those who make every day moments. Who needs to get drunk!!

Glad to know that. At least somebody's happy working :)

Nidhi Gupta

I have always considered myself lucky to have started my career with NIIT. The company gives you a great environment to work with global clients like Microsoft, Sun ...ahh the list could go on and on. They give you such nice exposure in instructional designing. Once NIIT Ltd is on your CV, looks like every other company wants you. No doubt that the company boasts of employees you've been there for 10-12 years. And bootcamp training is stupendous. I think they should go on doing it....its really very useful and gives a clear picture of what instructional designing is...especially to freshers....coz they think what they write, whatever they write is absolutely technically, locally correct. Sadly its not correct per the instructional designing rules.

Thanks Arjun for starting this blog, i am sure many NIITians and ex-NIITIans will like to share there views via this.


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