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Learning anew!!

Think you know it all - think again!!!
So I did.

The last 3 days(2nd-4th Feb) have been tremendous value add to me. Kinda like re-learning things. We spent the last 3 days - unlearning, learning and re-learing some of the things that are critical to effective Project management.
That's SEED - the NIIT training centre nestled within the cosy confines of Sainik Farms in South Delhi.

Click on the pic to get a detailed view.

It is a good place to learn - enhanced by better company to mingles in - and of course - a great faculty who was motivated enough to keep us alive and kicking - no sleepers there!!!

I'll be talking more abuot my learnings, for now - the experience.
It was great!!!

(I can already see my team members smirking - cos' they know I had a good holiday. Yes people - I know - monday morning is coming up pretty fast)


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