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My Learning at NIIT

As requested - by the Management at NIIT!!!
Here goes....

It has been a little over two months since I entered the portals of this organization. This may not be sufficient time to learn everything, but I cannot deny the value addition.
I will put down a few points to summarize the experiential learning (as it happens) and paradigm shift in my functional area.

Project Management (The Paradigm Shift)
Real paradigms are not about technologies or products. Maybe it's just the way we perceive things. Project Management is a daily function as much as it is a system of thoughts.
It is customary to measure Project success as a Satisfied customer who got what he/she wanted. We also did the Project at half the cost in 75% of the time allocated.

Now, I have started understanding the aim of the project and its vision, the reliability of task completions, negotiating the learning curve and examining how people grow in their roles. The big question is whether the customer is getting more value than expected.
I am learning the value of variables, not just outcomes.

We undergo trainings on a regular basis. It is a part of our ‘exposure to systems’ and Self Development plan. I am now learning to take them seriously. I am learning the value of applied thought and people dynamics.

This is not the slow process of evolution - either you "get it" or you "don’t". The change is similar to the light bulb - getting switched on – instantaneous!

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