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The Written word.

The ability to communicate is one of the aspects that make life interesting. This relates to all aspects of life – whether at home or in the work place. In fact, this is one of the prime requisites of a promotable executive.

The written word – the most powerful communication prior to the advent of visual communication has lost some of its sheen – but not the importance. It stays on record and cannot be undone.

I post regularly on my web-log. That’s what you are reading right now. I assumed I wrote well. That is, till somebody told me otherwise. It’s not an easy pill to digest. But I was luck because that somebody explained what was wrong.

What could be wrong?
· my spelling sucks
· I can’t punctuate for nuts
· the flow goes off on tangents and the structure is abysmal
· my grammar is disastrous
· The writing style is tactless and boorish.
These and many more trains of thought crossed my mind.

Then he told me that effective writing was about 4 things.
1. Readability
2. Correctness
3. Appropriateness
4. Thought
At an overview level – I thought I’d covered all these. He showed me an inventory of these attributes detailing the parameters against which I should be mapping my writing. This is good stuff.

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