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From Good to Great

1:06 PM
There’s a big difference in being good at something & being great at it. That’s what, in my opinion separates the men from the boys.
I always strive to be great at everything I do – in my life – personal & professional. But I must confess I’m not great.

Yes, there are those brief flashes in the pan, when I know I can beat Godzilla at his game. But for most of the situations that come along – I’m good. A wise man (the one inside my head) reiterates that one line – don’t be in a rush. Greatness will come with time & experience. Did I really expect to be the best project manager without burning my fingers now & then. The learning must be collated, analyzed and acted upon.

If I were to fill up a Project management scorecard at this point of time – well, I wouldn’t like the results. I would ascribe that to an overload of work. But then that overload was my choice. It was definitely not imposed on me at that point of time.

My point here is not to get into a finger pointing exercise. That can be done post-facto when the remains of the day dictate the necessity for the same. I express the desire to understand the difference between good & great, between planned, projected and actual data. My thoughts are on bridging the gap between real-time performance and the individual potential.
Clicked at Dhanaulti-15th Apr 06I see the sky through the break in the trees. This perfect view comes at a cost. I must lie on my back. Lie down in the grass, getting my clothes dirty. I wish I was there – as high as can be. That’ll happen when I get understand my job like I should. I have made a start there.
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