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Getting started - entering the Blue Ocean

Yes – I want to move into a blue ocean. I guess that’s where the story always must begin.

Now comes the part for which there are no proven strategies. All our business strategies are designed to fight on existing terrain against enemies from the same league. There’s limited terrain and you got to beat the bad guys here and now. So you play and make the value-cost tradeoff. It gets you a lil bigger piece of the pie – for awhile at least!!!
That’s the RED OCEAN we live in…

6 Principles
Formulation Principles

  • Reconstruct market boundaries – reduce the risk of searching for something new.
  • Focus on the big picture – not the numbers – reduce the risk on planning
  • Reach beyond existing demand – reduce the risk on scalability
  • Get the strategic sequence right – get your business model right

Execution Principles

  • Overcome key organizational hurdles – integrate the organization
  • Build execution into strategy – manage proactively

The key issue here is that while I want to do something new and bright and shiny – risks need to be minimized and mitigated rather than turned into contingencies


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