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The Strategy Canvas

This captures the current state of play in the known market-space.
I can think of a few parameters that would prove useful.
• Competitor moves,
• Industry factors, and
• Product offerings across the industry.

Plot these on the X axis against a set of numbers on the Y axis. These numbers could range from 1 to wherever you think necessary.
The resultant plot would denote a value curve.

What’s been observed on analyzing most industries is that the players have a “common” perception of what sells and what is valued by the customer. They are right in their perception and wrong too.

It’s important to move forward and challenge the existing model.
15 years ago – there were no cellular phones and getting a land line installed was problematic at the very least. Then companies launched cellular services way back in 1995. They challenged the existing line of thinking. The field remained communication – they just changed how it was done.

• Check out the factors that are taken for granted – which can be eliminated!!
• Which factors are overrated and need to be pegged down a bit?
• What’re the factors kept out of focus and need to have their bar raised?
• What are the factors to be created?

This way:
1. eliminate redundancies – cost control
2. lower the over-rated – cost control
3. improve the key areas – value add
4. develop differentiators – value add

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