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Family ties mean big business

3:29 AM
Look around and you will spot them everywhere.
From the very established to the nouveau riche.... most of the big businesses today (excepting maybe IT) are owned by families.

Contrary to the olden days when such organizations were unprofessional and had adhoc styles of management - times have changed for the better now.

They have a greater propensity to take risks , be ambitious, faster at their decisions and are more profit focussed....

That's just what I think!!!
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Starting anew!!!

9:03 AM
Change is the only constant.
I am seeking to control this constant.

I feel 21.
There's a strange feeling of starting out at the bottom - yet again!!
It's like I've given up all the houses that I'd built to go live in a cottage. There is however, the ever-bright hope that this cottage will become a palace.

It's not been an easy decision; but given my penchant for calculated risks and love for the family - it was a given at some point or the other.
Now I've done my bit at Hi-tech electronics, Consumer durables, e-learning - last stop : Medical Diagnostics.

I've joined today and spent the entire day languishing at a seat in the middle of the office. Family run businesses move differently I guess. Strategic uncertainities are handled differently because the fallout is unlike the world outside.

This is one challenge that I must learn to tackle. Luckily time is on my side.
Promises to keep....
Miles to go before I sleep.
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