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Conversion of PDF Reports

Inorder to convert PDF reports to text and MS-Excel files using Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 use the following steps:

1. Start Adobe Acrobat (5.0)

2. Open the PDF report that needs to be converted.

3. From the Tool bar click on the more arrow with the Text Select Tool (this is a button with a T on it) more tools will be displayed. Choose the Table/Formatted Text Select Tool. The cursor changes to a cross hair.

4. Drag a rectangle to enclose the report that you want to convert and press the right mouse button.

5. From the menu that appears to convert to text format choose Text > Preserve Line Breaks, to convert to MS-Excel choose Table. From the same menu select "Save As" specify the destination details, choose the file type as "ANSI Text". Click on "Save". The file is saved in the specified format.

6. Use Notepad or MS-Excel (as applicable) to open and view the file.

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