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Growing the organization

9:00 PM
Much has been written in time past, about the pains of growing an organization. I’m not here to rescind their theories. Merely stating a point of view – as I see the story unfold.
Speed of thought& action coupled with a focused working – two key ingredients to having your business featured in the success stories of the year.

I stress on “year” because no business plan survives more than a year or two at most. You need speed of thought to catch the scenarios as they change. Thoughts without actions won’t get you anywhere – so there must be rapid (not knee-jerk) action to ensure that the plans are executed before they become outdated. Action working to a plan must be focused on getting results – tactical and strategic – the latter would take precedence – if you have the deep pockets to absorb the tactical costs.

I work with an organization in transition. It’ll not be easy to put a finger on the exact points of transition. Yes – the before and after scenarios are visible and clearly distinguishable.

Some key points stand out.
  • Systems are important – they build confidence
  • Product Quality is vital – quality sells!!
  • Knowledge management – enables growth and innovative thinking. It involves a good understanding of the market, the competition, past strategies and willingness to take risk.
  • Skilled Manpower – perhaps the most critical element of success
  • IT – force multiplier – effects at all levels.

So how do we measure up?
I’ve been here a year now. I spent the first quarter as an observer. Since then, the mind is at work. I’m in a position that can make changes happen. But it’s wise to proceed with a clear roadmap.
Things have changed in the past year. I have been working effectively in a few areas only. It’s a delicate balance that needs to be maintained – between running too fast and running fast enough for people to keep up.

  • Systems have been developed and implemented. In some areas like administration (which is mostly what I do), we have done a few things to keep the sales force on their toes and present a clearer picture to the management.
  • Product quality has improved- it was already quite high – yet we continue to innovate. Increased sales volumes have not greatly impacted the number of quality issues coming in. We have a more or less stable product range.
  • Knowledge management – that’s the area with lots of loopholes. We are not effective in monitoring the forward supply chain. This is an area of concern, since the end user issues are sometimes left un-addressed. Market & competitor knowledge is not as high as it should be. It comes in bits and pieces and leaves us playing cards with a few blind sides. The training and monitoring of the team needs to be worked on.
  • Skilled Manpower – it’s not easy to recruit or retain – we have some work to do here. An improvement in knowledge management coupled with strong backup systems will strengthen this over the next Six months.
  • IT – we’re implementing stuff – but it’s not as fast as we’d like it to be. A lot of it has to do with managing change effectively. It’s not been easy integrating clicks with the bricks and mortar model.
  • TRUST – we have improved in some areas – but a lot is still to be done. How does one get the employees to trust the management and vice versa? It’s an age-old issue and I for one see TRANSPARENCY as a part time solution. There will never be complete transparency – so that can’t be the full solution.

Where do we go from here?
My ideas – valid for the next Six months (at least)
o Get the ERP online
o Improve the training of personnel and monitor its effectiveness.
o Foster a culture of trust and transparency
o Don’t run too fast – allow the people to ride along
o Manpower recruitment must be strengthened. Ensure that we pick the right person for the job.
o Stay on top of the market – keep a look out for trends. This also means we have to send more time than we are doing right now in the field.
o Develop a better understanding of our customers – throughout the supply chain – forward and backward.
o We have to enable decision-making – and encourage risk taking.
o The NEW products need MOTHERing. We need to develop our people do that..
o The environment needs to liven up. Having FUN at work is not a CRIME.

Most importantly – have a blueprint – develop a roadmap – then EXECUTE it.

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9 Months

12:06 AM
I've finally completed 9 months today.
Drat - i didn't think I'd last so long.

It's not about the job or the people or the ambience. It was this whole thing of working with Family!

So here I am - Diagnostics Manager for J.Mitra & Co. Pvt Ltd.!!!
Technically - I should get a letter of confirmation today.
But i'll let it pass - never been one for too much Formality!!
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Working with Systems

2:46 AM
it's so funny....
everybody says - they want to work with systems....
..they say it's the only way forward....
... it's important to fuel the growth....

What do i Do? I go ahead and design a system.

it even works......

then they override it

it can be really pissing off - if you know what i mean
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Hyderabad Blues

10:13 PM
Some pics from our Annual All-India Sales Meet in Hyderabad
1st - 4th Feb 2007

... and finally a party!!
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